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Senior Project, Application Launcher, System Customizations

It has been a while since my last update, and since then we have gotten completely usable two-glove audio output, without accelerometer-based articulations. It is very cool (we can kind of play the Tetris A Theme, but no one is very good at using the gloves yet). Just today we got the accelerometer all working; we have rotation and vertical motion output fit to the correct ranges. Despite having the software all written, we don’t have the gloves working with full articulations due to the issue of actually mounting the accelerometers on the gloves and the Arduinos on the wristbands. We have already bought most of the components we’ll need to do this, so I expect to have the entire thing working by the end of this weekend. When we finish, I’ll post the final parts list, pictures, and latest code, along with instructions for constructing your own pair of musical gloves as a DIY project. Next!

I haven’t been very motivated to finish it since the current version works fine, but I’m almost done with a re-write of my application launcher. The new version will by extensible via plugins and will be able to run in the background (as opposed to starting up every time you summon it). Aside from the rewrite, I added some neat shorthand directory launching support, which allows me to open “/home/ifx/Code/Launcher/final” by typing “/lau/f” and pressing enter. Regex is pretty neat.

Finally, I think I’m going to make a post about all the interesting customizations I have made to my Arch Linux install. These would include my mouse gestures (I have some that actually do useful, non-obvious things), my Conky configuration, and, of course, my .bashrc.

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    Hey there. I didn’t actually see a good “contact me” thing, so I figured commenting on here was enough. I’ll find out I guess if you don’t catch this for a while or ever.
    Figure out what happened to that omegle server? That was a pretty odd error.
    I assume I get an email if you reply to this, so that should be enough, otherwise I’ll just check from time to time.
    Chat with you more later Admin.

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