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Python Client for Omegle

Last weekend I wrote some Python bindings for Omegle and proceeded to write a variety of clients. The first real client I wrote was a multi-user chat room for Omegle. The script starts a few chats, and forwards messages from each to all of the others, prefixing them with “#N#: ” (where N is a number assigned to the sender). Next, I made a nicer version of a client which allows one to spy on a conversation between two other users, or interject however one wants. Finally, I wrote a basic Omegle client, which I’ll be uploading here.

Though the client is fully usable, it does not yet pass along reCaptcha requests to the user, and I might go back and change how I did the threading. The UI uses curses, only because I wanted some experience with it. I’ll definitely post any revisions I do, and I might post the chat room client at some point. I don’t think I’ll post the spy client. If you have any programming experience, you can build one yourself.

For your enjoyment, a Python Omegle Client.

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  1. Stranger | March 1, 2010 at 1:08:14 | Permalink

    Sorry I left like that I found it to be quite rude. if you wish, contact me at this email:

  2. Adam | June 9, 2010 at 11:33:58 | Permalink

    Hmm. This client seems to flicker via my command prompt. I’m using unicode-rxvt and Arch Linux.

  3. Eric | September 18, 2011 at 13:36:03 | Permalink

    Hey there, I notice you haven’t made any posts in a long time; however, do you think it would be possible to add support for the captcha?

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